Java’s Story

One can never have too much of  Marine Drive – it has the best of what our tropical island has to offer – sun, salt air, sea and sand. Often schoolchildren and adults alike are seen having a stroll next to the railway tracks, with ice creams  in hand to ward off the sweltering heat. It is jarring to think that such a location, the site of relaxation and enjoyment for so many, is also the place in which a helpless four legged friend endured pure misery.  It is indeed a surprisingly picturesque & tranquil  location for an act of terrible cruelty.

An AWPA volunteer was walking her dogs along Marine Drive, when a street vendor caught her attention. He called her over and pointed to a dog (Java)  who appeared to be gently snoozing next to a signpost. Only upon the volunteer’s closer inspection did the horror of the Java’s plight become clear.

Java  was chained to the signpost, imprisoned and rendered virtually immobile,  unable to find food or water for himself. The metal chain was tied so tightly around his neck so as to nearly constrict him, and the chain had viciously worked its way into Java’s skin. The metal chain was embedded into the bloody wounds on the Java’s neck. The open sores were inhabited by a thriving population of maggots, perhaps they sensed a possible corpse in the making. Left to languish with his untreated wounds, we can only imagine the kind of pain he was in.

Kala’s Story

Struggling  in agony, with the unmistakable wounds  from having  been doused with boiling water, Kala was found at the AWPA’s gates, accompanied by her litter of 5 small puppies.  We shudder to think what kind of a person would be so savagely inhumane to throw boiling water on Kala, and abandon her along with her puppies.  The act of such deliberate and shocking cruelty left her skin scalded and raw, with large areas  of  her fur burnt away, including her back, ears and the top of her head. She must have been in excruciating pain from the burns, not to mention the intense psychological trauma and shock.

Java & Kala Today

It is a testament to Java’s and Kala’s spirits , their incredible capacity to trust humans despite the egregious cruelty they endured at the hands of other humans, that they were receptive to the AWPA’s care and treatment. Java has made a full recovery and resides in the AWPA’s Kahathuduwa shelter. Kala, was taken in by the AWPA vet and is still recovering from the horrific abuse she suffered,  but she has responded well to treatment . Kala’s  five puppies have been rehomed. If you saw Java today, you would see a pair of intelligent bright eyes, a friendly demeanor, a mismatched but endearing coat of brown and white patches  and a happily wagging tail. If you saw Kala today, you would see a friendly dog, with kindly brown eyes  and a shaggy coat of black and brown fur (there is no fur growing on the burned parts of her skin) . You may be quick to think that Java and Kala have always known a loving home, but as their stories reveal,  they are survivors of extreme neglect and cruelty.


Untitled-1         Java’s neck wounds


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